Sunday, February 15, 2015

Youth History Congress at M.D.College on 16-02-2015

The Department of History of Maharshi Dayanand College of Arts, Science, & Commerce, Parel, Mumbbai, takes pride in hosting the Youth History Congress (YHC) as an intercollegiate History Fest on 16th February, 2015.
The highlights of YHC-2015 are:
 It is hoped that the participants would master these skills over a period of time, and then make a career out of these crafts as a trainer, entrepreneur, artist or designer. For instance: They can make stone tool kits and sell them to schools, colleges, universities, etc and also export them. Similarly, they can use their Warli Painiting skills to make commerically viable products like Warli Sarees, kurtas, pillow covers, bed sheets, pen stand, key rings, potteries, and many more 
Rewant Vikram Singh
Head - Department of History
Assistant Professor
Maharshi Dayanand College of Arts, Science, & Commerce,
Parel, Mumbai-12,

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